Thursday, November 22, 2007

Responsible Property Investment?

I came accross this report this evening and thought I would share it with readers of the CSR Asia website. I am happy to see that more is happening within the property sector generally to address issues related to sustainable development. The report provides some case studies but (sadly) with only two from Asia (in Japan and India). The report outlines ‘Ten Elements of Responsible Property Investing’ as: energy conservation; environmental protection; voluntary certifications; public transport oriented developments; urban revitalisation and adaptability; health and safety; worker well-being; corporate citizenship; social equity and community development; and local citizenship. The quote on the front page is by James A. Grasskamp, a ‘real-estate guru’ who states: “Man really is the only animal that builds his terrarium around him as he goes and real estate is really the business of building that terrarium. So we have a tremendous ethical content, a tremendous social purpose.” What do you think Hong Kong? Perhaps a good topic for a ‘CSR Wednesday’?

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