Sunday, November 18, 2007

Chennai Airport expansion plan sparks turbulence

Chennai airport expansion gets turbulent as local people are infuriated over 300 new houses to be demolished to construct the parallel runway.
These houses under construction will soon be demolished. The state government is acquiring 1070 acres of land between Manapakkam and Tharapakkam for the expansion plan despite having approved this area for construction earlier.
Kalyanaraman a victim of proposed demolition said, ''In all fairness the government should look for a different plan. Most of these families have already obtained loans. They are now required to repay although their dream homes will soon come under the hammer.''
Tamilselvan another victim said, ''No more construction has taken place Still we have been paying EMIs of twenty thousand rupees.''
Sathya also lost his house and said that because of agony and mental torture they are not able to concentrate on anything.
The state government says this is the only option which causes the least displacement and has assured people reasonable compensation.
With real estate prices sky rocketing in Chennai this is no consolation for those who are losing their lifetime earnings. It also raises the question that those who built their houses in government approved land be penalized.


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